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our clients' testimonials
seminar leader–Naz dardashti
Naz Dardashti is a senior ergonomics consultant at
ErgoNaz, Inc. who has led thousands of seminars and
workshops both here and abroad. With a wealth of
real-world corporate experience to draw upon, Naz brings
in-depth insights and true-life examples of each of the
ergonomic principles she presents, punctuated by her
keen sense of observational humor.
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Here is what some participants have said about ErgoNaz trainings and seminars:

city of long beach, 1-hour office awareness training participants
"Please have more employees attend this training."
"Naz was great!! Very effective in her training."
"She's hilarious! Could have been painfully dull but was instead funny and informative."
"Excellent!" I will immediately apply these concepts!"
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southern california edison, 1-day applied ergonomics training participants
"I really enjoyed the refresher."
"Give Naz a raise!"
"Excellent class, thank you!"
"Naz had a high level of energy to deliver the type of info she did, I would have
otherwise been bored out of my mind, or fell asleep and hurt myself."
"Very well spoken, great examples."
"Great class thanks for making it fun."
"Instructor wonderfully animated and knowledgeable. Great presentation!"
"Great class, loved the instructor. She made it very fun and interesting."
"Tips are very helpful. Especially on what to say so as not to offend the client."
"Very entertaining instructor."
"Great training."
"The instructor was excellent, very knowledgeable, very enjoyable."
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verizon, 2-day ergonomics training for call centers participants
"Naz has knack of presenting this class with humor, excitement, and is very professional."
"Excellent instructor. And I would highly recommend this class."
"Awesome, energetic, and enthusiastic!"
"Excellent instructor. Naz demonstrated very good knowledge of all subjects. Thanks!"
"Naz's presentation of the ergonomics course was great! She delivered the subject with enthusiasm and expertise!"
"Very helpful, everyone should participate in this course!"
"This course should be a part of all Coach's trainings. It will help stop claims in our call centers."

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